Dr Niall Logan

Niall was a postdoctoral researcher in the Higgins lab from 2015-2018. He received his BSc in Biomedical Engineering from Ulster University and then joined the doctoral training centre at University College London.  There he completed an MRes in Molecular Modelling and Materials Science and an EngD on the topic of modifying orthopaedic materials to enhance bone formation.  At Imperial his interests were focused on stimulating and identifying epigenetic changes in dermal papilla cells through use of mechanical shock waves.  Upon leaving the Higgins lab he moved to Belfast, UK, to take up a role as a Research Project Manager at the Almac Group.

Dr Ola Kamala

Ola received her BSc and PhD from the University of Bradford, where she worked with Dr Julie Thornton in the Centre for Skin Sciences.  In her PhD, she studied the implications of 17β-oestradiol and IAPs on dermal fibroblasts cultured from terminal and vellus hair bearing skin in terms of wound healing.  Ola spent 3 months in the Higgins lab, where she developed protocols to evaluate the morphology of cell layers within the hair follicle.

Martina Ghetti

Martina received her BA. and her MS. degree in Biotechnology from University of Bologna, Italy.  She is currently enrolled as a PhD student, working in Professor Giovanna Cenacchi laboratory at the University of Bologna, where she is assessing biological characterization of de-cellularised human dermis as a scaffold for wound healing. Martina received a Marco Polo fellowship to work in the Higgins lab for 4 months, in the middle of her PhD.  During her placement, her interests were focused on creating and characterising cell derived matrices from three different subpopulation of fibroblasts found in the skin (Derma papilla [DP], Papillary fibroblasts [Pfi] and Reticular fibroblasts [Rfi]).

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